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Sales Commission Litigation Attorney in Elgin, Illinois

In Illinois, there is a statute known as the "Illinois Independent Sales Representative Act" that allows sales representatives to recover commissions, punitive sales commission for up to three times the sales commissions, and attorneys fees and legal costs when the sales representative is not paid commissions on sales made by the sales representative.

The purpose of this act is to protect the rights of sales representatives and ensure timely commission payment. Legal disputes on sales commission can arise for a variety of reasons. It is a common situation for a sales representative to close a sale but then leave the company, and then not receive the sales commission. Whatever the situation, you may need a sales commission attorney to represent you.

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Attorney Beer will look over your commission contract outlining your position, terms and conditions, and the agreed-upon commission schedule. Even if you do not have a written commission contract, you still may be able to recover your commission based on past commission payment practices. For assistance on your sales commission case, call today for a consultation!