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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Elgin, Illinois

Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident is stressful enough. When the at-fault party or their insurance company refuses to pay for your medical treatment, you may be feeling even more overwhelmed. Let Fred J. Beer Law Offices, PC fight for the compensation you deserve.

Fred J. Beer is a local motorcycle accident lawyer in Elgin, IL with over 30 years of experience. But more importantly, he approaches every case with compassion. He'll listen attentively to your side of the story and work diligently with the adjuster and insurance company during the entire legal process.

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Taking the Guesswork out Of Calculating Compensation

As a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer, Fred J. Beer understands the financial strain that comes with recuperating. You can trust him to...

  • Consider all contributing factors, such as time away from work and vehicular damages

  • Calculate a settlement amount that accounts for these factors

  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf

Start fighting for the compensation you deserve. Retain a premier motorcycle accident attorney in Elgin, IL today.